GearLab 2.0

The original Gear Lab was a  2011 Kickstarter funded project that has  travelled the midwest for the last several years.  As our art and product offering has grown and wear and tear has taken it’s toll, it was time for a refresh.

Our amazing Engineering Lab gave the project a rethink and came up with an amazingly compact GearLab 2.0 that travels and stores small and assembles quickly into a functional Public Kinetic art installation without eating up so much of our booth space at any given event.

It also makes it easier/more convenient for events that want to book us in as a special feature.

Take a look and be amazed at the  assembly process- in under 6 minutes!!



Booth in a Box

Being on the road can be a challenge for a Kinetic Artist- all of those moving parts can take up a lot of space. Add to that the space our old booth set up used to take and we were getting VERY cramped in the truck.

To solve the problem, our engineering team came up with “Booth in a Box”.

This is a compact wooden crate on locking casters that converts to the booth- fully fortified to support the weight of our kinetic creations.

The box lid is actually the booth counter, and when removed you can see all of the booth components inside: IMG_5574


the first layer in the box contains the booth struts and supports:




When those are removed, you can see the Pegboard that is the “hanging surface” for the booth in tucked inside:



The box even has great storage space for all the booth essentials everyone needs– from electrical to lighting to tape and drape cloths!



Assembly is easy and requires no power tools at all– just a hand driver for tightening up some screws and making sure it is all secure!


The “legs” for the display counter go on quickly and easily….



Flipped over, the legs mount on the box base to provide a booth counter with easy access to under storage.


Telescoping back mounts screw in place and can go as high as 10′, but lower to accomodate drop ceilings in many venues.



No Stress Assembly:




Two upright mounts:




And then cross braces with L- brackets in place to create “slides”



The pegboard mounts in the slide channels easily:



And our custom banner, mounted on the front provides a clean look and blocks the view to the “booth clutter”



There are even kickstands on the back to provide balance and stability:




The whole assembly took less than 20 minutes and was a dream! Going on the road doesn’t seem nearly as crowded any more!!