Locking Gear Boxes

For a simple venture into do it yourself kinetic art, Cogbots currently offers kits to create several style of locking boxes.  The boxes use a slide lock mechanism that is  controlled by turning the gear on the top of the box to securely fasten the lid to the box body.

This little bit of motion is a practical venture for those just starting out.


Square locking boxes come in two sizes : one that fits standard  playing cards, collectible card games  such as magic, or other small treasures. This kit comes complete except for screws, and the entire body is made of wood.

A second box style uses the same locking mechanism, but allows the kit builder to use round PVC or cardboard tube at any length they wish, varying the height of the box for it’s intended design.  Round boxes have been used short for dice and hair clips and very tall for as arrow quivers.



A perfect winter project, you can finish the boxes in any way you desire, using paint, stain, metal leafing or other techniques.   Easy assembly instructions can be found on the Cogbots store website.

Fully assembled and finished kits make wonderful Valentine’s Day presents that can hold the treasures close to your heart. Unfinished kits make excellent gifts for the maker in your life.

Box kits ship easily anywhere in the US, email for quotes for international shipping.