Support STEM in your favorite school

GearLab Jr ™ Kickstarter expands rewards to include STEM supporter levels for schools.

September 1, 2014 Kokomo, IN

In support of teachers and schools who are trying to grow STEM activities, the GearLab Jr ™ Kickstarter project expanded to include special “ships to schools” reward levels. Kickstarter backers now have the option to support their favorite teacher or school with one of three STEM reward levels. These special rewards deliver game sets directly to a school indicated by the backer.

GearLab Jr™ is a wooden gear puzzle game that provides math, science and art applications in the classroom. It comes out of the box with a set of challenges and a link to an online community of other game owners.

The GearLab Jr ™ Kickstarter project is trying to raise the $57,000 to cover materials for 650 game preorders and to expand dedicated equipment that will allow the games to be produced at a higher volume. Each game includes a game board and 30 gears, and  takes approximately 10 hours to cut.

GearLab Jr™ was recently a kids favorite at Makevention  in Bloomington, IN and will be at the Cogbots booth at the Ft. Wayne Regional Maker Faire Sept 13-14.  The Kickstarter is currently active at

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