Makevention bound with Gear Lab, Jr.

The Cogbots crew will be at Makevention in Bloomington, IN on Saturday, Aug 30.  If  you like our stuff because you build, hack or improve things, a gathering of makers is something you will love.

We will have  gear lab with us – so the makers can all build kinetic art IMG_5608

We will also have Gear Lab’s new little brother with us so that you can check it and play in person before ordering from our currently running Kickstarter project:

photo (4) photo (6)

morning smiles

It was an early morning session of reviewing emails, plans and commissions in the cogbots offices today- and then from across the table I heard  “oh cool-  might want to build one of those.….” I love it when our customers send in ideas and plans asking for design assistance or parts consults and they send in something that gets the creative juices flying.  Smile inducing- keep them coming in folks!